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*Andrea Keikkala C.E.O. Kent Chamber of Commerce 

Blake Messer is one of the most energetic and knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of working along side. He contributes innovative ideas and created policies and events that promoted prosperous outcomes for communities. Blake is dedicated to the communities that he serves and you can see that in his enthusiastic and infectious volunteerism.

*Blaine Ashcraft Executive Director Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce.

Blake seamlessly conveys the mission of organizations while dishing up uncanny wit and entertaining

banter at every event that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing him speak at.

*Brad Achtemeier General Manager Siebert Communications

Blake delivers. His insight and direction have really helped our customers and staff dial it up a notch or two. His intensity, creativity, passion, and attention to detail have made a difference.

*Doc Holliday Author and Advertising, Sales, and Persuasion Consultant

Blake possesses the rare combination of a tenacious work ethic, superior knowledge of advertising and marketing, powerful sales skills, and charismatic communication skills. Blake's presentations motivate, educate, and entertain. Most importantly, Blake has a well-documented track record of getting results for his clients, and for their advertising clients, as well. An investment in any of Blake's programs is an investment in success!

*Grant Giessinger General Sales Manager CBS Minneapolis 

Blake is one of (if not the most) creative marketing minds I have had the honor of working with. Where most reach there creative limits, that is where Blake starts and doesn't stop until he has a fully executable plan that delivers results for everyone. He has always been tireless in his pursuit of results for each and every client in which I have collaborated with Blake. To this day, although we work for different companies, Blake is still reaching out to me with ideas. Even if you only get a few moments to work with Blake, take advantage of it!

*David Brauhn Electric Paper Agency, LLC

If you dropped Blake Messer in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, by the next day, he'd have a tribe and a start-up or two off the ground and running.
Blake Messer is a sales guru. His experience in all kinds of media and sales is broad and deep, and he draws upon that experience in order to help business people around the nation. I have known him for more than 20 years and worked with him on a variety of projects for the past decade, and I can honestly say he his the most selfless person I have ever met.
Blake's business acumen is unparalleled. He is driven and detail-oriented, and his confidence and his innovation continue to surprise me. His talent to lead and inspire others is remarkable.
If you have the chance to work with Blake, take it. He is a rare kind of person who can take your skills and expertise, or your business, to higher ground

*Colleen Unema Owner at Q Laundry

I hired Blake to create and manage the email campaigns for Q Laundry. He listened to my needs, paid attention to what we had planned and made certain the monthly email campaigns merged with what we are already doing. He explains things clearly, punctual with return emails and phone calls.
Our email campaigns get solid results generating in - shop conversations, sales and repeat customers.

*Eric Bjella-VP Marketing Manager at Bank of the Pacific

Blake was instrumental in getting our Email Marketing off the ground. He and his team are knowledgeable about the process and quick to respond to any questions. It has been a pleasure working with Blake and his team,

*Becky Grubel Realtor at Realty Path Success

Blake has proven to be one of the best business investments I've made so far. His online marketing program puts me in front of my clients at regular intervals with pertinent and timely information.  I highly recommend Blake and his staff and plan to continue his services.

*RD Means Seattle Paintball LLC
Newfangled Commerce paid for it self in the second month and has brought in more than 6 times its total cost in the first half a year. Could not be more happy with their product and service. They always have new ideas on how to make me more money but never ask for more money.  I love that it is all-inclusive and the most common word is “yes”. Their team is full of ideas and energy.  They also keep fixing my problems.  They work with my time-tables and always have delivered on time even when I made mistakes that should have pushed them back.  You guys are really the best and have over preformed in a more substantial way than anyone else I have ever done business with.


*Bob Wellsandt Marketing Consultant at Siebert Communications

Blake is one of the most dynamic and educational people I have ever met. He brings a wealth of information and experience to the table, educating staff and clients alike in how to increase the profits and longevity of their business. Blake's offers more information in his 75 minute workshops that most would in 4 hours. Hold on to your hats and get ready to learn and grow. He truly has your best interest at heart.

*Marie Dymkoski, IOM Executive Director Pullman Chamber of Commerce - Workshop Sponsor
We have often heard that social media and the myriad of different platforms is overwhelming for many of our small businesses who know that they must have a presence of some kind online. The timing was right to bring in some professional help!
The result was 45 people who came away with great ideas, a place to start and thoughts on what would work best for their own business.
Blake’s style, which was witty, funny, and informative, kept the attendees engaged and asking questions.  He left plenty of time for questions and detailed answers.   Blake had done his homework prior to the workshop and was familiar with each business that was represented at the workshop.  This showed the attendees how much he really cared about their success.
I would recommend Blake Messer of NewFangled Commerce to other chambers who have businesses that are in need of social media help.


*Tommy Taylor Account Executive at Seibert Communications

Blake is an amazing public speaker. He has helped the Radio Station I work for handle over 500 businesses within a 3 day period. His training and methods are A+. Highly Recommend his services.

*Janine Thompson Account Executive at KUSA

Whether you are new to sales, or have a fine tuned approach, Blake is one person you can count on to give you the extra push you need. With his straight forward approach, he wastes no time in building your skills as well as helping you connect with your team. Blake gave me an incredible amount of knowledge in a short amount of time to boost my confidence and skills out in the field. The experience of beginning my career with his assistance has been invaluable and I am very grateful.

*Jessica Basso Comcast / Basso Media

If you want to increase your sales team in any way Blake Messer is the guy to take you and your staff to the next level! The guidance, structure, and knowledge that he offers is amazing. You will not be disappointed , but you will want to have him come yearly to maintain the high level of confidence in your staff. It goes with out saying " I recommend Blake Messer over & over again! "

*Dawn Stowe Marketing Consultant at AJB Broadcsting LLC

It was an incredible pleasure working with Blake Messer. His knowledge and expertise are indescribable, he is able to take an idea that on the average seems so complicated and make it understandable and desirable within a very short amount of time. He is truly a professional in his field and has given me a whole new mindset as to what my clients what and need. The hard, bold work was well worth the outcome! Thank you Blake for the incredible services that you provide, I would recommend any company to employ your services...they will not regret the value and integrity that is placed, by you, with their company. Thanks a Million!....

*Brandea Knight Account Executive at My Fremont Radio

This guy is AMAZING! For people who think that your life can’t be changed overnight think again, because this man has the secret he did it for me. He helped me see things in myself that I didn’t know were there. I've made it into my dream career with great colleagues in the blink of an eye, and am learning something valuable every day. I don’t know where I would be if I had never met Blake, but I know I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now! Blake used his expertise to pick two needles out of the hay stack and made My Fremont Radio Whole. Forever grateful, Thanks Blake!

*Chris Walz - Station Manager at R and R broadcasting

Blake Messer has helped our Radio stations take the next step when it comes to providing local clients with the best local marketing strategies we can. His information is the latest on social media. This is the information our clients needed! Thanks! Blake!!

*Deborah Rosen Founder - Good Citizen Dog Training & Day Care

Blake Messer has helped to bring my company into the "age of social media."  Blake's expertise along with his drive to do "right by his clients" has been impressive.  I appreciate his ability to respond quickly and take corrective action when needed.  He's a real professional.

*Barry Reker Senior Marketing Consultant My Fremont Radio

Blake is an extremely good speaker and presenter, very knowledgeable in the subject of Social Marketing and Advertising.
I would definitely recommend Blake as a speaker and creative commercial writer!
As well as a genuine person whom I consider to be a friend too.

*Alicia Palmer Account Executive at My Fremont Radio

Blake is the guy to call if your a small business needing some help to grow your business, or help finding that perfect person for the job your wanting to hire. I would definitely recommend Blake to anyone, anywhere, at anytime! He is awesome.

*Yvonne Hull Executive Director at Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce partnered with our local radio station and a neighboring chamber of commerce to bring Blake to our area. Comments from those who drove more than 50 miles for the seminar were extremely positive. The information obtained was so beneficial; they went back to their community and encouraged their colleagues to attend the next days seminar.

*Anna Bolinger Account Executive at Radio Results Group

Blake Messer conducted a workshop for our radio stations in Sept 2012. Every attendee I had loved the workshop, thought he was invigorating individual and personally thanked me for inviting them. Blake always provided a wealth of knowledge in the social media process. I loved every minute of the process.

*Dennis Soapes Client Services Director-West at Eastlan Ratings & TCCP Radio

Blake is a talented sales trainer, consultant and entrepreneur. Blake has successfully utilized his talents to develop revenue generating ideas and services mostly targeted to the radio industry. My observation is that Blake brings leadership, hard work, and integrity to any project he is involved with.

*Patric Miller President at Access NTR LLC

Blake is one of the most energetic, tireless and focused sales consultants we have ever had the pleasure to know. He gets results that far exceed those of others in this category, and is wise and worldly about the nuances of great radio sales, beyond his years.

*Kira Kleynerman - Owner of the Knick Salon & Spa 

Blake is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Social media and how to use it to build your brand and increase customer loyalty as well as how to use it as an effective promotional tool. The service he offers saves me a lot of time that I can dedicate elsewhere.

*Justin Biassou- Stillwater Chamber of Commerce-Workshop Sponsor

We were pleased to host Mr. Messer which provided a beneficial marketing presentation on Online Marketing to our business community.
Mr. Messer was is a wonderful communicator and contributed a great deal to the event. Comments from the attendees were overwhelmingly positive regarding his program. Blake approaches his sessions with a combination of sincerity and humor, providing many "laugh outlets" for his audience.
We highly recommend Blake as a person with wonderful character and one who understands the social media sphere. He is able to articulate his understanding of marketing in a way that moves audiences to deeper commitment to growing their businesses.
In addition to online marketing, Mr. Messer advocated other forms of media including radio, television PSAs, and guerrilla marketing. These strategies provided a well rounded advertisement model for attendees to follow and help market their business.
A major take away from Blake’s presentation was that all forms of media he advocated were inexpensive and effective. Representing Stillwater’s business and community, the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce would recommend him to visit and present to other communities

*Terry Weinacht General Manager Stillwater Radio Group

A real pro! Three words that describe what I saw from Blake Messer when I recently had the opportunity to work with him. From his industry knowledge to his dedication to helping his clients, Blake delivers a first class product when you hire him and his firm. His presentation was right on and well received by attending business decision makers. His expert advice on helping close the presentations is also a great benefit that he provides to his clients. I would highly recommend Blake Messer to any company

*Sadie Harrison - Realtor Associate with New West Real Estate

Blake is helping me put together an advertising campaign and so far has proven to be very creative and inspiring in his ideas. He knows his business in Marketing and I believe will be astronomical in helping me build mine!

*Louis Justman Marketing Representative Nicolet Broadcasting

Blake has really helped me find the right footing in "Being Bold" when dealing with accounts. His training is helping me get results financially for me as well as the clients who buy from me.

*Jason Polecheck Marketing Representative Nicolet Broadcasting

Blake Messer is a social media guru. The knowledge that I gained from Blake in regards to both social media and sales was invaluable to me and my entire team. I am a better salesperson and manager for having worked with him.

*Kipp Burlo Marketing Representative Nicolet Broadcasting

Blake's seminar and training was career changing! It made me a more confident person at work and at home. Making action happen faster no matter what the answer is you are looking for will be beneficial to everyone involved. Don't live in the Maybe of life. I would say the best thing I took from the training/seminars with Blake would have to be the tools I now have to make my clients more successful... there is no better feeling when you the salesman is the reason for success of one of your clients. It is awesome to bring more money to your clients than they give you! I strongly recommend Blake Messer's training and social media workshops! Thank You Blake from Door County!

*Paul Schmitt Marketing Rep at Nicolet Broadcasting

Blake is a dynamic speaker that supplied our clients with useful information that could be implemented into their business right away.
HIs organizational skills and follow up are excellent! He re-energized our market and established credibility in our system for success.

*Jason St. Germain Movin' 100.3/96.5 The Wolf 105.1

Mr. Messer was a joy to work with and I learned A LOT from him.
We still touch base frequently and still helps me with my work and clients.
He also was involved in hiring me for Finger Lakes Radio Group.
His energy, work ethic, and consulting is very useful and in any company or client.
Proud to also call this man my friend as well.

*Sean Cowley General Manager Z955

Blake Messer did a tremendous job for us at the Finger Lakes Radio Group. He is very detail-oriented, energetic, and passionate about his work and helping our company. I would recommend working with Blake if you ever have the opportunity.

*Bonnie McHugh Z105.5 The Gleason Media Group

Blake Messer has recorded a jingle for one of clients that represents a major hospital in our area. The jingle was extremely well received and is now airing on radio stations across Maine. Blake was able to take my talking points and find the "words & music" that fit it perfectly. Thank you Blake!

*Lee Davis President at Cub Radio, Inc.

Blake did an outstanding job for us at Cub Radio. He provided excellent training to two new sales reps. Both are doing well and seem to be on solid ground for growth. He does what he says he will do and he does it well. It is my pleasure to recommend Blake Messer.

*Collin McCawley Account Executive at Payne Radio Group

Blake provided top notch training at a rapid pace, in a way that was easy to understand. I feel that the training that Blake provided was instrumental in my success! I'm loving every minute of Radio, thanks in no small part to Blake Messer!

*Philip Anderson Territory Manager - Ecolab

Blake works hard to make sure that the customer gets what they want in the finished product. His attention to detail and the associated results are part of what makes his business successful. Blake demonstrates professionalism and a drive to help businesses succeed. He cares about his clients not only on a business level but also on a personal level. Blake is helping businesses integrate unique and thriving marketing plans during a down economy so these businesses can stay competitive.

*Marvin Glass Owner/Manager at StreamLicensing, LLC

Blake comes with a high level of integrity and knows his stuff.

*Rob Skinner, Founder from Why to Wealth

If you are looking for anything "Radio", anything "Sales", anything "Training" or any "Speaking" engagement, you will be thrilled to hire Blake Messer. I started out hiring Blake to do radio advertising for me and now I'm proud to call him partner.
Your customers will be happier, your staff will be better prepared and your business will move to new heights. Competence will be a common term used when describing your new look and feel.  If you like what you have presently and are not looking for what I've described, don't hire Blake.



It's always a pleasure to work on a project with Blake, he's passionate about our profession, and his integrity is without question. I'm proud to call him a friend!

*Dan Etulain - President North Star Television.

Blake is one of the most competent persons I know in the field of broadcast media. He is creative, works well with others and provides all the services which are requested of him. He is a friend, a media colleague and a professional in both the media and in community service. Persons contracting Blake will be pleased with his services.

*Ken Fearnow President at BrightStar Care of Edmond/Oklahoma City

Blake is a natural sales trainer and coach. He relates and connects with his students, instantly gaining their trust and confidence. He understands the mind and personality of talented salespeople and is able to help them visualize their own potential. He’s the type of leader people want to follow because of his genuine interest and concern for them. He is highly creative and a true radio sales entrepreneur. I would recommend Blake for any project that involves sales training and generating revenue.

*Don Watzel Air Quality Modeler/Meteorologist at Sage Environmental Consulting

Blake Messer's drive and determination to provide the best possible product to his clients is second to none. Blake sets the bar high for himself, yet always finds a way to exceed expectations. He also consistently looks for ways to improve himself as well as evolve with the changing business environment. Blake is not afraid to take risks or try new things.

*Kate Martin Operator - Voice talent at KNM Productions

Knowing Blake Messer has changed my life.

*Renee Kilcup Owner at Renee to the Rescue

Blake Messer is a dignified business man that delivers on his promises as a colleague, consultant and friend. In the several years that I have worked with Blake, there has yet to be a detail that he has not considered and/or a solution to increase growth in my business. I consider Blake Messer a very valuable person in my life and the life of my business.

*Aaron Archuleta Impact Radio Group

Blake is truly one of the most outstanding individuals I have ever had to opportunity to work with. He has drive and passion like I have seen in nobody else. His professionalism and knowledge knows no boundaries. If you are looking for the “Go To Person” Blake Messer should be your only choice. I have earned an opportunity to work with Blake and I have gained knowledge that nobody else could teach me. There are not enough lines in this description box to accurately explain Blake’s abilities. 

*Rosie Anderson Life Coach at Rose Anderson Life Coaching

Blake is super creative and helped us learn more about social media to boost our business forward. He also wrote, designed and implemented a successful radio commercial for us that speaks to our target demographic while communicating who we are. Blake was on time, articulate and very knowledgeable. We would hire him again and would recommend him for hire without hesitation.

*Diana Hawkins Account Executive KAPS/KBRC

Blake Messer conducted a "Stronger Business Initiative" seminar in our market in 2010. My customers said they found the information very informative, and their time was very well-spent.

*Amber Ferguson Voice Over
I had the pleasure of working with Blake Messer in Sitka,Alaska. I am confident that Blake's intelligence and ambition will be great assets in any company.

*Quentin Whiting Airline Transport Pilot

Blake combines the attributes of professionalism and an at-ease personality that make him a true pleasure to work with.

*Rod Schwartz Grace Broadcasting

Radio stations that have hired Blake to train their salespeople and/or advertisers report measurable, bankable success. Blake understands the unique power of Radio advertising to solve marketing problems and is as passionate about our medium as anyone I know. Know someone who needs help with radio advertising? "Give 'em a Blake!"

*Dale Jeffries Outreach Coordinator at Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

I really enjoyed working with Blake. He always has the client in mind and is very passionate about his business and it shows in his presentations. His experience show and he is able to share that experience with those that work with him.

*Dale Hubbard Owner, Olympic Broadcast & Media, Inc.

Blake is a Broadcast Marketing Expert who has an uncanny ability to relate to potential advertising clients. I have never known of a time Blake did not deliver on what he promised, in effort, and in helping to do the right thing when results fell behind expectations.

*David Schoolfield Owner, Schoolfield Publishing

Blake has proven himself as a leader in his field. I have been associated with clients that Blake has serviced with outstanding results. They have had nothing but great comments on his performance. Blake has help my business in the consulting of marketing and sales. I would recommend Blake for any help with your company.

*Charlie Eads Owner, KGAL/KSHO Radio

Blake is enthusiastic and motivated. He has lots of ideas and presents them creatively.

*James Wileman President Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce-.CEO, ALPS Federal Credit Union

The enthusiasm and honesty of Blake Messer is a must hear. His message about how to do business is

crucial to improving your bottom line. 

*Sally Miller Jodesha Broadcasting

Blake's ideas and opinions on marketing were right on with what we believe works in small market radio and for our clients.

*Christopher Martin Keybank Branch Manager- Workshop Sponsor

As a branch manager who runs a bank as my business, I would highly recommend for future presentations focused on advertising to small business.

*Georgia Bowman Nampa Chamber of Commerce – Workshop Sponsor

I had the privilege to participate in one of Blake Messer’s presentations “Thrive in a Recession” advertising workshops on December 9th, 2009.

Blake captivated the audience from the very beginning with his great sense of humor and his excellent interpersonal skills. He interacted with everyone by the time he brought the seminar to an end. He made everyone feel important. He is definitely a gifted speaker.

Blake’s presentation was direct and relevant in these challenging times. We had the opportunity to discuss the fundamental components needed to sell our businesses. 

Blake clearly demonstrated the importance of developing an advertising plan to ensure success and walked us through the steps.

The ability to have options for days and times to attend was very appealing to my chamber members and staff. Flexibility is important to small business owners with limited staff.

I would highly recommend Blake to any chamber that is looking for great educational opportunities to help their members attain success.

*Leslie A. Reedy Executive Director of the Ocean Shores Chamber of Commerce.  – Workshop Sponsor

It gives me great pleasure to make this recommendation for Blake Messer.  As the Executive Director of the local chamber of commerce, I’ve been counseling our members against this drastic behavior, and Blake did a great job of not only supporting my position, but also providing realistic

examples of the results of such an ill‐advised course of action.

His presentation was smart, professional and entertaining.

*Holly and Mark Plackett Owners – Plackett Enterprises

Blake Messer possesses these skills as well as timely responses to

requests for information and his serious approach to keynote speaking --- all of these

attributes make Blake a top-notch member of our Speakers Bureau!

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